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Visitor Messages - How To Enable Empty Visitor Messages - How To Enable

Post by FBCrabby on Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:29 am

Alright Folks, had a couple of people ask me about that little tab in your profiles called "Visitor Messages"...

Visitors Messages is a comment system where you can post a public message...

Now you are wondering "Why is there nothing in that tab!?!?!"

Why? Cause I disabled it by default... I left it up to you whether or not you want public comments on your profile...

How To Enable It: "recommended"

1) Log in
2) Click "Profile" at the top
3) Click "Preferences"
4) "Third from the top" Select "All members / My Friends / Nobody / or Hide This Tab

If you definitely do not want "Visitor Messages" I recommend to select "Hide Tab"

But I do recommend that you select "All Members" so that you can get those positive comments Wink

Any questions, just post it Question Question Question
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