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Capturing territory through the use of air, land and sea power is the objective in Aces High. The arena terrain is divided into three countries (Bishop, Knight, and Rook), with each country starting with an equal number of fields, towns, cities, task groups, and a single headquarters for each country. All countries have an equal amount of territory at the beginning of a war.
The map is broken up into zones, with each zone having a master field. The master field controls the ownership of the factories which supply all other fields in the zone.

When a master field is captured, the factories will supply all fields in the zone owned by the capturing country. Each country has a primary zone which contains the country HQ, and this zone cannot be captured.

Capturing territory

Territory is gained by capturing a field. A field consists of an airfield, vehicle field, or port and an adjacent town. The town is normally situated 2-3 miles from the field or port and contains the strategic map room for the entire field.
All buildings in the town must be destroyed before attempting to capture the field. Destroyed town buildings will stay down for approximately 45 minutes (this variable can be adjusted), during which time 10 troops must be delivered to the map room via one of the troop carriers to capture the field. After the tenth troop safely makes it into the map room, a system message will appear in the message buffer announcing the captured field number and the capturing country.


Damaged field and city objects can be rebuilt with the successful delivery of supplies. Conceptually, the objects are being resupplied but visually they are being rebuilt. This is done by reducing the downtime by 30 minutes depending on how much of the supplies reach the destination. If only half of the supplies reach the destination, the downtime is decreased by 15 minutes.
Trains, convoys, and barges

Trains, convoys, and barges are built into the terrain. Each train, convoy, or barge has a source point and a destination point, and each can be damaged or destroyed while traveling from point to point. When a train, convoy, or barge is destroyed, they will automatically respawn every ten minutes.
Each time a train, convoy or barge spawns, it first checks to see if there has been damage to the supplier (cities supply factories and factories supply fields). The amount of supplies carried to the destination depends on the amount of damage to the supplier. If the supplier has been damaged by 50%, only one out of every six train cars or convoy trucks will carry supplies.

The destination point is where the train, convoy, or barge attempts to resupply. The destination can be either a single field, or a number of objects within a defined radius. If a destination field is captured while a train, convoy, or barge is enroute, the train, convoy, or barge continues to the destination, and resupplies from the factories of the capturing country.

Once a train, convoy, or barge has successfully reached it's destination, a new supply convoy spawns.

Supply drops
The C-47, LVT-2, and M-3 have the capability to drop supplies on a field to repair the field or shorten the downtime. These object supplies will repair all resupplyable objects in a one mile radius from the point where the supplies land. The supplies are selected as a loadout option in the hangar, and .25 perk points are awarded to the player who dropped the supplies for every object that's affected by the resupply.
A vehicle supply type is also available to repair and supply vehicles with ordnance. When these supplies are dropped, any friendly vehicle within a half mile radius receives a Load Supplies button on their screen. Clicking this button will use the supplies to both repair and rearm their vehicle. If the supplies are unused, they vanish after 15 minutes. Vehicle supplies will not reload troops or the vehicle and object supplies.

Winning the War
The parameters for winning the war can vary, depending on the configuration of the terrain. Typically, a country must get the other two countries down to less than 4 fields in each to win the war.
At that time, the arena is reset, a different terrain is rotated in with the country territories randomly set, and a perk point bonus is awarded to players that have been in the winning country for a minimum of 12 hours prior to the end of the war.

Strategic system

The basic categories of strategy targets in Aces High include field targets, zone targets, city targets, and supply targets.
The field targets affect availability of field items such as planes, fuel, ammo, etc. Every tower has a chalkboard displaying the field number and the current status of the field targets.

The zone targets are the factories that affect the resupply of field targets.

The city targets are the buildings within a city and they affect the resupply of the zone targets.

The supply targets are the trains, convoys, and barges that resupply damaged fields and factories.

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