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Post by FBBob on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:20 pm

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Combat tactics

(My ideas on how to win the game)

The Mission:

To capture 60% of the bases, from both countries

(Bishop & Rooks). By using superior Ground and

Air forces, to accomplish this goal.


There are two basic ways of accomplishing this

task. The most common of these is with brute

force. By brute force, I mean taking away there

ability to fight. We do this by dropping every FH,

BH, and VH on the target base. The ideal scenario,

is to eliminate the logistics and re-supply

capabilities of the target base (ie: ord, troops and

yes even fuel).

The perfect scenario would be to eliminate any

possibility of any adjacent base of providing any

type of support (ie: ground, air or even re-supply).

The second is by using the element of surprise.

For a surprise attack to work, there are three keys

elements needed, stealth, speed and accuracy.

with out these your attack is worthless.

My Definitions:


Are for escort (bombers, hvy fighter), hunting and



Attack aircraft are primarily used for ground support.

However within the game, they have a more

important roll. For the mass attacks, the should be

utilized to clean up any missed targets by the

bombers. Such things like any missed hangers, town

buildings etc.

In most cases, the attack aircraft should be the primary

aircraft used for a surprise attack. All though there are

a few occasions when they will support the bomber in

surprise attack missions.


These aircraft are good for shock & awe!!!! They can

be utilized at High, mid range, nap of the earth style

missions. If you have a good team of bombers, a

target base can be completely shut down in one pass.

The bomber is a great asset to use on logistical targets

as well.

Ground Vehicles;

GV are a great asset. But they do have limitations.

They are excellent for surprise attacks, as long

as the element of surprise can be maintained. They are

perfect for destroying the town, and eliminating there

logistics. However! They do require a lot of support,

whether it be logistical (supplies) or aerial recon.

Nine times out of ten the mission will fail with out this


Aircraft carriers;

(my personal pet peeve)

The aircraft carrier, commonly known as the CV. Now

for those who do not know, the CV is supposed to a

mobile unknown air field (to the enemy). In real life

and in the game it is designed for over the horizon

attacks. Whether they be

high alt or nap of the earth. What’s over the horizon?

The horizon is as far as the eye can see. Which is

twenty miles, so we should launch our attacks from

outside of twenty miles. Now I am aware of the

constraints, of getting troops from a battle group.

This just mean, better planning from the mission

organizer. Such as planning your prep time to match

the arrival of the battle group.

What do I mean by prep time, it is dropping all

hangers, eliminating shore batteries, taking out the

ordinance, and yes I would say dropping the fuel as

well. I know it does not drop below 75% but it takes

that much longer to re-supply the base (for them). So

what if we have to re-supply. It is our base now and

more perk points for us for re-supplying it.

In closing;

Gentlemen, in no way is this an actual military doctrine.

This is just my idea on how to play and win the game. What I used to compile this is ten years of game play, and some military experience. Am sure there is a lot of room for critiquing, and that’s what it is here for. It is meant to basis for us to build on, and to make us better and more organized game players.


Your Humble CO

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