Arrival Of The B-29

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Arrival Of The B-29 Empty Arrival Of The B-29

Post by FBCrabby on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:29 pm

At long last! The devastating B-29 Superfortress has arrived...

Arrival Of The B-29 Ahss6_11_800x600

Arrival Of The B-29 Ahss9_12_800x600

Facts About Flying The B-29

~ Relatively expensive - about 300 perks for a formation
~ Extremely heavy on take-off - Use your WEP! "yes, it has WEP"
~ Do not think you don't have any guns on your belly, use your nose gun to aim and let your remote guns do the work...
~ Higher you go, faster you'll get. At 30K, your cruising speed is 350mph!
~ Be easy with her, she is tough but don't jerk her around, she'll break!
~ You have plenty of bombs. Should be no reason for "soft" hangers
~ If you can get clean hitss on enemy's with your guns, they will be obliterated.
~ You can indeed shut down a HQ on your own.
~ 50% fuel is alot! 165 minutes!
~ Beware of bugs! If you experience them, take screenshots and send them to HTC! I lost all gauges in my B-29 and lost a bomber on landing due to unknown speed!

Good luck and happy bombing!
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Arrival Of The B-29 Empty Re: Arrival Of The B-29

Post by FBLazy1 on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:33 am

Crabby how many times did you sneak into the bathroom Suspect . Just kidding it is a beautiful bomber ( I might just have to crawl into one after the bugs are fixed ).

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