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Post by FBBob on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:22 pm

Posts: 55 Ok gents,

I thought I would put how I do my level bombing;

1.choose the alttitude you want to bomb at
2.choose a field at least 50 miles back, this should give you 25 miles of level flight before your tgt,
3.you should open your bomb bay doors early to also help balance your speed as well. I tend to do it when am 25 miles out ( tend to forget)
4.when I have zoomed visibility of tgt I start my calibration, They say you only need 3 seconds on tgt. But I like to be sure so I give it a 30 count (one thousand count etc
5.check your calibration to your E6B, you should be within 2 miles per hour. If not i would redo my calibration.
As you all know I like using the 500 lbs'ers to me it seems like less waist. SO here is what I drop on targets

1.FH 3
2.BH & VH 2
3.Town 3 passes 6 with a delay of .89
4.Town W/ 1k's 7x 2passes with a delay of .99
As far as tgt line up well to each his own, I like to line up;

•Small Field: NE to SW This line up give me the off sett BH and both FH on the main pad on the 1st pass I make a right hand turn comming back W to E and I take out the Main pad BH & off set FH then the last pas is the VH and rest of ord on town
•Medium Field: N to S with this line up I can drop my 4K in the middle of the large pad FH and I should be able to also get 1 FH and 1 BH small pad on the 1st pass. My 2nd pass is a dilibarate line up to drop the last FH and any other hanger I can get Usually I get the Vh in this pass as well
•Large Field: is a free for all, usually I'll try for a NE SW run. If you plan your run right and have a good calibration. 1 set of lancaster can drop a large field in 3 passes (i think it's been awhile since I done it)
Now one of the most important things that people tend to forget. As you drop your bombs, your bird gets lighter hince you are moving faster. I recommend you recalibrate after each pass. Now if you only dropped 3 bombs on your 1st pass its not gonna make that much of a difference. so you your best judgement on this.

Well this is how I bomb, and as you all know I do pretty darn well with it. I know some do it diferently, But this is here for you to try, see if it works for you or not

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Level Bombing Empty Re: Level Bombing

Post by FBDogTag on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:48 pm

Good stuff... thanks Bob!
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