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Bully Gets Pwnd Empty Bully Gets Pwnd

Post by FBCrabby on Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:23 am

You know that this YouTube video that went viral last week featuring a bully getting his ass beat by the kid he bullied? Yeah, well, those kids are all over the news and both are claiming to be the "victim" now.

Fifteen-year-old Casey Heynes was just minding his own business when fellow student, 12-year-old Ritchard Gale, started punching him as his friends filmed the whole thing.

"He just came up out of nowhere and grabbed me by the shirt and then he punched me in the face," Casey explained on the Aussie show, A Current Affair. "Then he went for a second hit, and I blocked it. The third hit, I don't know if he connected, and then the fourth and fifth hit me, and then I actually snapped and grabbed him."

That's when Casey literally picked up Ritchard and slammed his body to the ground. The little kid limped off with a few scratches on his knee. Since then, Casey has received an outpouring of support from all over the world for standing up for himself.

Ritchard then gave a tearful interview about he had always been the victim of bullying too. He apologized for his actions, but didn't want to take responsibility for starting the fight. In fact, he said Casey provoked him!

"He was like 'go to class' and calling me an idiot and stuff," Ritchard said. "And I didn't like it. And he pushed me and stuff and ran down to the front of the office and that's when I hit him. I don't know why (I punched him) because I was just really pissed off at him giving me mouth.''

His interview was aranged by his family in response to Casey's...obviously. He wanted to speak out "so they know my side as well as his." He added, "If I'd snapped my neck I could've die and got paralysed in a wheelchair."
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Bully Gets Pwnd Empty Re: Bully Gets Pwnd

Post by FBAdolla on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:20 am

that video is fracking awesome lol
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