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Videos - A Impromptu Guide Empty Videos - A Impromptu Guide

Post by FBCrabby on Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:56 pm

Alright gentlemen, as promised here's a guide on posting your recorded sorties...

*I warn you now, it is a very long process. This 17 second clip too me 2.5 hours to make! And the voice did not work... I will also write another post about placing only your .adf file so that people can download and watch in the AHII Viewer...

1) Record your sortie: Alt + R begins recording and Alt + R ends it

2) Open Aces High II Viewer: Go to file and open the video you just recorded

3) Save as AVI: Go to file and save as AVI and the video will save as a viewable format

*This will take time, if you watch at the top it will be as if its playing. You must wait until it is finished... The longer the video, the longer it will take... This 17 second clip took 4 minutes to process

4) Place on desktop: Open My Computer >> C: Drive >> Hitech Creations >> Aces High >> Films >> and drag your .Avi file with the video's name onto your desktop

5) Upload to YouTube: If you do not have a YouTube account, GET ONE... Once you click "upload" browse for your video on your desktop and proceed in uploading....

*Warning, it took even me 34 minutes to upload this 17 second clip... You can use the advance upload if you wish, but it will only cut it down by 20%

Once your upload is finished, and has been processed, you can post the videos here in your posts...

Since this is not a quick way of doing this, I will work on developing a easy way to just post your .adf files so that others can just download it and view on their computers...
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Videos - A Impromptu Guide Empty Re: Videos - A Impromptu Guide

Post by FBLazy1 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:47 am

The Heck with that. Please make it easier. Or how about I send you my videos and you do them. lol!
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